Picking up your new puppy

Picking Up Your Dog


Adopted dogs need to be picked up at either the foster home or boarding kennel.

Details will be provided once the agreement is signed and the fee has been received.

You can make payment for the adoption fee here.


Pick up is usually in Buffalo, NY or Niagara Falls, NY.

Transport will be scheduled and details will be provided once the adoption is confirmed, the agreement is signed and the fee has been received.

For dogs under 8 months of age entering Canada, the Canadian government requires the following:


Dogs that are accompanied by their owners and are between three and eight months require a rabies vaccination certificate.

Dogs less than three months do not require rabies certification. However, proof of the dog’s age must be provided on request. 

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

The rabies vaccination certificate must:

  • be written in English or French;
  • be issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian;
  • identify the animal (breed, sex, colour, and weight);
  • state that the animal is vaccinated against rabies;
  • indicate the date of vaccination;
  • indicate the trade name and the serial number of the licensed vaccine; and
  • specify the duration of immunity (otherwise, it will be considered valid for one year from the date of vaccination).

Here is a link to the government website stating their requirements:


Only the person adopting the dog or a family member with the same address can take the dog into Canada.

A PMR Volunteer will contact you the night before the puppy’s arrival with any updates re: transport including any delays.

Please bring the following items with you when picking up your puppy:

We always recommend that you also have water and a bowl.

You are travelling to another country. Do not forget your passport.

Please make sure you have enough time to enter the USA and be at the meeting spot with enough time BEFORE your puppy arrives.

Please note that NOBODY other than you can take your dog and there is nowhere for your dog to go if you are not there to pick him or her up.

When you arrive to the pick-up location, please check in with the PMR volunteer host who will meet you and help answer any questions you might have and most importantly, give you your new dog.

Once you have your dog, you will proceed to the border crossing of your choice.

You will need to present the following to take him or her into Canada:

A copy of your adoption agreement

The rabies certificate and

Proof of payment from you as the adopter to PMR

The rabies and vetting records will be with your dog when they arrive.

Based on experience and just as a guideline, we provide the following information:

Go to the normal booth when returning to Canada.

Claim that you have just picked up your new dog from transport that just arrived.

You might be asked questions such as:

Did you buy or receive anything?

Purpose of your trip to the USA, etc.

The purpose of your trip is to pick up a dog you adopted personally through our rescue (Puppy Mutts Rescue).

What is the value?/How much did you pay for your dog?

$450 USD

It is at the discretion of the officer you have at the border to decide if you need to pay duty on this amount or not.

Is this YOUR personal dog?