Name: Hattie (20210713-05)
Weight: 15 lbs
Age: 3 months, (approx DOB 4.6.21 )
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab/terrier mix
Color(s): Black and white

From: SA, Texas

Good with adults: Yes
Good with kids; yes
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: has never seen a cat.
House-trained: too young, but in process of learning
Crate trained: yes.
Energy level: moderate
Can be handled/touched: Loves to cuddle. A little timid at times with new things.
Barker: no
Flight risk: unknown
Food aggressive: have not seen any aggression.
Good on a leash: too young
Rides well in a car: sleeps.
Destructive : Anything on the floor is fair game as they are puppies that chew
Needs a home with a yard: Would be great for her.
Needs another dog: Has never been alone.
Can live in an apartment: if given enough exercise and time with other dogs

Backstory: Born under a house to a semi-feral type of mom, was brought to me as bottle babies but then mom located and rejoined puppies after 3 days.

Mom is about 20 pounds so Hattie may be medium sized (30-35 pounds) when grown. Hattie is the largest of this litter of puppies .
Hattie can be a little timid at first but warms up quickly. She is the largest of her litter of 5 puppies, and one of the 3 that survived the dreaded Parvo infection. .
Hattie spent about a week in the hospital and was doing pretty well when she returned home to recuperate. She gradually became more active with the other dogs in the house and is playing more and more every day. One thing that changed with her illness is that she is a little more timid now than she was before. She used to be the ringleader of the bunch and would be the one to explore things first and seemed fearless, but now tends to hang back and wait for the others to show her it is safe to proceed.
I am not sure if this is because she felt sick and was in a new environment for a bit, had procedures and treatments that were scary and unfamiliar or just her natural progression.
This change tends to make her cuddlier and more loving to people and she loves spending time with her people. Such a great little girl!